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Board and Packaging

Producing an optimal sheet, at minimal cost and based on finished product performance requirements, is a complex challenge for board and packaging manufacturers. Our approach allows you to minimize or eliminate the need to over-engineer the finished sheet – using tools that help us understand and optimize the mechanical, operational and chemical variables in the manufacturing process.
Improved Sizing Efficiency in Paper and Paperboard

NALSIZE™ Tiger High Performance ASA technology delivers stable, controllable, on-machine sizing. This unique patented technology reduces chemical requirements through improved… 

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Nalco Water 4D Air™ Program

Nalco Water 4D Air is a new program designed to minimize the detrimental effects of entrained air and surface foam in the virgin and recycled carton and container board...  

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Multi-functional Dry Strength Additives for Improved Production Efficiency

The strength of paper has always been a critical sheet parameter; however, it is rarely the ultimate driver for the use of dry strength additives. Often, dry strength additives… 

Customer Success Stories

High Performance Linerboard Mill Implements METRIX™ Technology

Learn how Nalco Water’s METRIX technology helped a mill obtain Environmentally Sustainable Results of Reduced Basis Weight and Increased Production.

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Increase Production and Improved Wet- End Stability

Read how High-Performance Linerboard & Medium Mill Incorporates Core Shell™ 61067 Technology and POSITEK™ 4G 9000 Technology Through PARETO™.

New HYBRID™ technology saves more than $700,000 annually at Gypsum Liner Mill

Learn more about Today’s gypsum liner paper machines face many challenges due to the presence of more local recycled raw materials in the furnish, higher ash and… 

Solution Stories

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Board & Packaging Solutions

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