Commercial Pest Control for Flies

Commercial Fly Control

Ecolab fly control and elimination programs help improve food safety and guest satisfaction by tackling the root causes of fly activity using our proven outside-in approach.

Flies are a nuisance that can pose a serious threat to food safety and your business. They can spread diseases such as E. coli and Salmonella and hurt your brand with customer complaints, negative reviews and low audit scores. Ecolab’s commercial fly control, restaurant fly control and food service fly control services can help you stay ahead of fly problems and provide a clean, safe and healthy environment for customers and employees.

Two types of flies - large ("house") flies and small ("fruit") flies. Two different fly control strategies. Not sure whether you have a large fly or a small fly problem? Visit our small fly page to learn more.

Large Fly Program

Our proactive and comprehensive Large Fly Program features leading-edge technology and ongoing service to help reduce fly pressure on the exterior, exclude flies from entering the facility, and quickly destroy flies that do gain entry. Using an ‘Outside-In’ approach and proprietary Ecolab equipment, our program helps to improve food safety and guest satisfaction by providing a proactive solution to large fly problems. We offer a multi-faceted approach that addresses fly activity in multiple ways. Our scientifically-developed program includes:

  • Inspections and recommendations
  • Interior and exterior treatments
  • Proprietary interior and exterior equipment

When you partner with Ecolab you can be confident you are getting innovative, science-based solutions from rigorously trained pest specialists. Ecolab delivers consistent service protocols; actionable insights to proactively prevent pest risk; customer support 24/7/365; and a strong commitment to partnership. Together, we protect success.

Commercial Large Fly Elimination Equipment Used


STEALTH™ Fly Station

Ecolab's proprietary STEALTH™ Fly Station, winner of the National Restaurant Association's Kitchen Innovations Awards, is a key element in Ecolab Pest Elimination’s Large Fly Program. Designed for exterior use, this innovative device has a dark, reflective surface that discreetly eliminates up to 50% of flies before they enter a facility.



The STEALTH™ Maxima Fly Light uses advanced technology to control indoor flies for back-of-house and areas with high fly pressure. As an integral part of Ecolab’s Large Fly Program, the STEALTH™ Maxima Fly Light is essential for discreet and effective fly removal. With a proven track record of outstanding performance, the STEALTH™ Maxima Fly Light can trap up to 1,000 large flies.

Large Fly Educational Resources

Small flies and large flies are two distinct pests with two different solutions.

Large Fly and Small Fly Tip Sheet

Learn about the two distinct types of flies — each requires a unique approach to fly prevention and fly elimination.
Infographic providing 8 ways to prevent large fly infestation

Large Fly Infographic

Learn about the unique biology and risks of large flies and how your restaurant or food and beverage processing facility can keep them out.
Fly Feet Under Microscope

Large Fly White Paper

Learn about the behavior, identification, and treatment of large flies in our informative white paper: Reduce Pressure, Minimize Opportunities and Eliminate Activity: Science-Based Large Fly Solutions.
Large Fly Cereal Company Case Study Image

Case Study: F&B Plant

A large cereal manufacturing company implemented the Ecolab Expanded Large Fly Program. Find out how our comprehensive outside-in approach resulted in an 81% reduction of large flies.

Large Fly QSR Case Study Image

Case Study: Quick Service Restaurant

Study demonstrates that the robust Ecolab Expanded Large Fly Program helps reduce large fly population better than a fly light program alone. This quick service restaurant experienced fly reduction by approximately 49%.

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