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Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Water System Design and Startup Consultation

Planning for paint area and water management at an Electric Vehicle site is critical to a smooth startup. Our team of global experts understands total paint booth management as well as air handling, oven, RTO and water management. Early consultation in designing air flows, water utilities and water reuse solutions can provide the best operational cost with optimized water and energy use while maximizing production throughput. Early consultation limits costly design changes or slowing timelines. Our team understands the connections of critical process operations and systems, allowing us to see opportunities for optimization before startup.

On-site Start-up Expertise

Nalco Water has over 35 years of experience in the operation and management of wastewater treatment systems, purified water systems, wet and dry booth overspray separation systems. Our team has engaged in over 75 global site start-ups, we also have the expertise to work with mechanical contractors to start up your new assets. Our on-site project management provides consistent communication to keep projects on track and aligned with your expectations.

Program Highlights Include:
Program and Project Management 
Bid Package Development 
Conceptual Studies and  Evaluations 
Specialized Engineering Support 
Full equipment line and standardized solutions 
Managed operations of recycle system


Electric Vehicle Design and Start-up Featured Solutions

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Automotive Engineered Solutions

Electric vehicle brands are extending their sustainability goals into their manufacturing footprint. Water, energy and emissions can be reduced by the design of the facility. Nalco Water provides expertise in designing, building and operating customer engineered solutions that help minimize resource use and operating cost in ECoat systems, paint booth systems and the paint shop area, reducing water, energy and emissions, while maximizing production throughput.

Associate checking RO filtration system

Automotive Pretreatment Solutions

Once Electric Vehicle paint shops reach full capacity, they can consume thousands of gallons of high purity water each day in pretreatment and ECoat operations. High purity water can be costly due to the close attention and labor the unit requires to maintain efficient and safe operations. Nalco Water can be your turnkey solution provider for all your full-sized and mobile RO and DI needs.  
Learn more about how our pretreatment experts can help address the quality of the water going into your operations.