Thomas Kamps

Thomas Kamps


  • 29+ years of experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and personal care cleaning process development, optimization and validation
  • 8+ years Global Corporate Account Manager for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Degree in Food Technology; Focus on Technology Personal Care and Detergents
  • 4 years member of German Society for Scientific and Applied Cosmetics e.v.
  • External speaker at several external seminars, topics include: Industrial hygiene, plant hygiene, cleaning validation in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

Thomas Kamps
Global Team Lead, Technical Consulting CIP/COP LS

Thomas is a cleaning process, cleaning validation and production technology subject matter expert. As Global Team Lead Technical Consulting CIP/COP LS, Thomas leads a team that provides technical consultation on cleaning process optimization for pharmaceutical, API, biotechnology and personal care manufacturers, globally. Thomas has 29 years’ experience consulting and optimizing cleaning and sanitization processes within these industries.

In his previous role as Global Corporate Account Manager at Ecolab Life Sciences, Thomas has dealt with 6 out of the top 10 Global Pharmaceutical Accounts using this knowledge. He is an expert in cleaning validation for product contact surfaces across all types of pharmaceutical production equipment.

Experienced in addressing regulatory inspection findings related to cleaning processes within these major pharma companies, he is adept at implementing CAPA plans to prevent re-occurrence, supporting these companies with the implementation process.

Thomas regularly contributes to presentations and workshops as a speaker at external seminars, as well as Ecolab hosted events. As a thought leader within the industry, Thomas speaks on several key topics, including Industrial hygiene, plant hygiene and cleaning validation in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Thomas is a published author in the following publications:

  • Grundlagen und Anwendungen von Reinigungs - und Desinfektionsverfahren (Pharma Technologie, Gute Hygiene Praxis, Editio Cantor Verlag Aulendorf, 2000);
  • Kurzer Prozess (PROCESS Pharmatec 3/2001, Vogel Life Science Medien)
  • Do microorganisms develop resistance to antimicrobial biocides? (Co-author, IFSCC Magazine vol.3, no 2 / 2000)