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Featured Innovation

Rodent Ceiling Service

Ecolab's new Rodent Ceiling Service combines patent pending equipment with regular service to proactively eliminate rodent activity before it takes hold.

Our Innovative Equipment

Servicing Rodent Ceiling Device

Rodent Ceiling Device

Ecolab's Rodent Ceiling Device is an effective new solution that proactively eliminates rodent activity within hard-to-access ceiling areas before it takes hold, helping to reduce your rodent risk.

Ecolab LED Fly Light being serviced by an Ecolab Service Specialist


The STEALTHTM LED Fly Light features an LED lamp which attracts flies and other flying insects into the fly trap. Once inside the trap they are caught on a glue board. This non-pesticide innovation quickly removes flies from your facility using 60% less energy than our legacy fly light equipment. 


STEALTH Fly Station

STEALTHTM Fly Station's dark, reflective device attracts and discreetly eliminates flies on the exterior of facilities and helps reduce flies entering facilities by up to 50%. 

Thermal Enclosure

Ecolab’s Thermal EnclosureSM is an inflatable structure that gently heats inside to kill bed bugs in all life stages. This is an ideal solution to treat infested furniture while avoiding the expense of replacing costly items.