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Operations Management for Data Center HVAC Systems

You manage data for the world. We manage HVAC systems for you. Our managed operations program for data centers combines best-in-class water treatment with round-the-clock, on-site oversight by trained experts. We manage critical cooling assets to help reduce data center outages and support uptime targets so your staff can focus on core business needs.

Water Room Management

It’s not easy to keep a data center running smoothly: On-site labor is limited. Routine maintenance tasks are never-ending. Data center owners are challenged to keep core IT operations as the top staff priority.

Through our data center operations program, we provide full accountability for water room management. Our full-time personnel handle all aspects of non-IT service including regular maintenance, testing and sampling to ensure the safe, efficient and reliable performance of your cooling assets.

Partner with Nalco Water for data center HVAC management and benefit from:

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Hands-off Control

Recurring reports ensure you’re in the know and can effectively set direction.

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Peace of Mind

Our team has the specialized skill set to confidently handle daily data center maintenance and support.

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Advanced Expertise

Our on-site staff will manage your everyday needs. For advanced troubleshooting and remediation, we can enlist our extended team remotely via virtual- or augmented-reality technologies.

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Consistent Execution

To ensure seamless rollout of new data center programs such as critical cleaning solutions, we offer training services for your staff and vendors.

Plate heat exchanger rods installed in the system transfer heat

Heat Exchanger Cleaning Program

Plate-and-frame heat exchangers require regular cleaning to ensure high thermal conductivity. Taking these units offline for service can cost precious uptime and may not ensure optimal operational efficiency, even when done on a schedule.

Our mobile clean-in-place service is different. Remove microbio growth without having to disassemble and remove each unit, minimizing downtime. Plan cleaning events based on performance, not on the calendar. Monitor cleaning progress in real time and move smoothly between units and sites.

Air Handler Coil Cleaning Program

Cleanliness of air handler coils can have a huge impact on the operating cost of a data center HVAC system. That’s no secret. Dirty coils can also compromise power usage effectiveness (PUE), decreasing energy efficiency by as much as 30%.*

Optimize your coil cleaning with Nalco Water. We help detect when air handler efficiency is being compromised and can propose a well-timed plan to keep coils clean. We’ll also document the before-and-after impact, including energy savings and carbon footprint reductions, so you know the program is working.

*Source: U.S. Department of Energy

Cleaning data center HVAC coils

COIL-FLO™ Coil Cleaning Program

Our COIL-FLO program is designed for deep cleaning of HVAC coils. This patented cleaning system is performed by certified technicians and won’t damage sensitive fins.

Stationary diesel electric generator

Backup Power Assurance Program

Backup generators are critical to data center infrastructure, protecting valuable uptime. Data center outages caused by contaminated fuel or microbio growth are simply unacceptable. Protect your investment with our comprehensive data center backup program that detects and resolves fuel contamination to ensure 100% reliability.