Robust Products for a Strong, Stable Froth Flotation Process

Mineral processing plants are challenged to increase recovery with more complex ores. To achieve these high metallurgical performance goals, the right frother reagents are critical to maintain froth quality and stability. Nalco Water offers the FrothPro product line with a wide range of alcohol and glycol-based products and blends that help optimize your flotation circuit. By optimizing your frother performance, you can minimize reagent consumption, improve recovery, and improve cost performance.

FrothPro - Working Above and Below the Surface

The FrothPro product line works above and below the surface by adjusting the surface tension. Below the surface, the frothers create smaller, more stable bubbles to maximize mineral attachment. Above the surface, the frothers create a protective layer to prevent coalescence and maintain mobility. Nalco Water offers a range of products to help you find the right balance of flotation kinetics' and strength.  Our goal is to help you achieve the strength needed to support the maximum particle load while maintaining optimal kinetics and mobility to maximize your mass recovery rate.

Driving Innovation – Global Expertise Made Local

 Nalco Water places great emphasis on research, development, and innovation. In our commitment to addressing your challenges, we have carefully assembled dedicated teams of chemists and engineers to drive our customer-focused technical research centers around the globe. From the United States to western Australia, the Netherlands to western India, and everywhere in between, Nalco Water offers a globally-connected team of experts that are local to your plant and keenly aware of the regionalized challenges that can impact your operations. We are committed to providing the on-site assistance that you need to help you implement a customized frother program. Contact us today to find out how Nalco Water’s FrothPro product line can help you.

Frothers Success Stories

Copper processing plant machinery

Nalco Water Frother Program Helps Copper Concentrator Increase Recovery and Reduce Total Cost of Operations

A copper mine in South America partnered with Nalco Water to help achieve their operational goals. The goals included improving recovery through their copper flotation circuit, increasing productivity, and ultimately reducing the total cost of operations while ensuring a safe production environment. By introducing FrothPro 507, a specific product in our diverse portfolio of frothers, Nalco Water helped the mine save on maintenance and increase recovery by 2,526 tons per year, amounting to $14.98M in value delivered to the customer. Download the case study below to learn more.

Open pit mine on sunny day

Nalco Water Froth Flotation Solution Helps Increase Recovery at a Copper and Moly Operation

A copper mine in the southwestern United States was challenged with processing a more difficult type of ore with daily variability. The customer approached Nalco Water for help with determining a treatment program that would help improve the recovery for both copper and moly. By implementing the right froth flotation program, Nalco Water was able to help improve overall recovery by 2% at the same dose as the incumbent product. The improved recovery ultimately helped to reduce the total cost of operations. Download the case study below to learn more.