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In 1981, we introduced solid chemistry for warewashing, setting new standards for control, safety, convenience and low use-cost. Our solids provide superior performance while reducing packaging, transportation and storage costs, and water and energy use. They also improve worker safety, reduce spills and ensure proper dosing and dilution. We’ve expanded this technology to other markets, today offering solids technology for laundry, food processing, dairy, healthcare and cooling water.

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Ecolab Greater China
18G, Lane 168 Waterfront Place
Da Du He Road
Shanghai 200062, China

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Kay® SolidsenseTM
The next generation of KAY® cleaning and sanitation products are designed to make a bigger impact on your store’s operation and a smaller impact on the environment. By shrinking pack size and reducing water requirements during the production process, SolidSense reduces the consumption of natural resources and minimizes the impact on landfills. At the same time, we continue to deliver the level of cleaning performance our customers have come to expect.
Solid Ultra Dry Dishwashing Product
Ecolab Solid Ultra™ / Solid Power™

For nearly 30 years Ecolab solid dish machine detergent has set the industry standard in ware washing results, employee safety, and total cost management.

Ecolab Solid Ultra/ Solid Power solution provides more power, with less waste. It’s a more sustainable program than liquids as it’s 100% APE and NTA free, and reduces packaging waste by 80%. In addition Solid Ultra/ Solid Power solution offers greater convenience through fewer product change outs as each kg of product lasts 3 times longer than liquids.