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E-Care School Volunteer Program

In 2014, Ecolab China, in cooperation with Inspiring Sunshine Foundation, an NGO dedicated to improving rural children’s education in central and west China, launched a children’s education support program - the "E-Care School Volunteer Program." The purpose of E-Care is to improve the personal hygiene habits and raise awareness about water and environmental protection among children in rural areas over the next 10 years.

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Ecolab Greater China
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Shanghai 200062, China

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Ecolab employee volunteers teach water and hygiene focused curriculum, rebuild school water systems, and provide kitchen equipment to ensure food safety. Ecolab’s commitment over the next ten years will help rural youth grow up healthy and happy by helping them establish good personal hygiene awareness and develop good habits of protecting the environment.
China Holiday Event 2014
Holiday Event in 2016
Volunteers enjoyed a holiday event in primary school in Guangyang county, Nanyang city of Henan province.
China Holiday Event 2015
Holiday Event in 2015

Volunteers enjoyed  a holiday event in primary school in Rucheng county, Chenzhou city of Hunan province.

China Holiday Event 2014
Holiday Event in 2014
Volunteers enjoyed a holiday event in primary school in Qulai county, Ji’an city of Jiangxi province.