Project WET - Clean and Conserve Education Program in China

Ecolab China engaged volunteers, college students and teachers from the local community to introduce the Ecolab and Project WET co-created Clean and Conserve Education Program.


Launch Festival 2016
Ecolab China volunteers introduced Clean and Conserve activities focused on staying healthy and protecting and conserving water resources at the Youth Center of Putuo District Shanghai.


College Student Training 2016
Twenty-six college students were trained at Nanjing Phoenix Garden City Primary School. They will bring the Clean and Conserve Education Program to schools in mountain areas.
Summer Camp

Ecolab China volunteers taught two Project WET activities: Healthy Personal Hygiene and Conserve Water, to 37 principals in China rural area elementary schools in Nanjing city, August 2015.

Bring Your Child to Work Day

Ecolab China volunteers enjoyed Project WET activities with employees’ children in the Shanghai office, for the inaugural Bring Your Child to Work Day, August 2015.